Getting Around

Transportation options in and around Scottsdale

scottsdale-trip-signWhenever you come to a new city, there is always a question as to whether or not you need to rent a car or if you are in a location where walking, biking and short public transportation rides is an option. Since our home is located in South Scottsdale and only a 15 minute drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, having a rental car make not be completely necessary based on what you are in town to do. Here are some alternate options for moving around the city if you choose to forego on a rental car and didn’t arrive by your own mode of transportation.



trolley2Scottsdale Trolley – this is a free trolley that goes all over downtown Scottsdale with stops about every 5 minutes at different points of interest. More information is available by visiting the official website for stop times, trolley routes and pick up/drop off locations. There is a trolley stop less than a 5 minute walk from our house. Click Here for Information about the Scottsdale Trolley Routes


UBER – Definitely our favorite! This is a service that connects you with drivers in your area with a simple touch using your iPhone or Android phone. Check out Uber

Lyft – This is pretty much the exact same thing as UBER, except you are able to identify drivers by the large mustaches they have on the front of their car. It works the same way using their smart phone app. Check them Out

Taxi – There acleanoutairre many taxi companies to choose from, but go local and check out Clean Air Cab. It’s a local Arizona company and the first eco-friendly taxi service in the valley.  Open 24 hours a day. Check out Clean Air Cab

Valley Metro Bus – Another option for city transportation, but is best for when you are looking to call it an early night. The latest certain routes run is about 10pm. Learn more about AZ’s Valley Metro Bus

Walking/Jogging/Biking – there is always the option to make going out in Scottsdale a work out. Since the home is located in South Scottsdale, walking to Downtown Scottsdale is an option for those looking to explore on foot. It is about a 20 minute walk into Old Town.



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